Wildlife Tour Packages in India

India has numerous and exotic wildlife destinations. You can visit the National Parks and Sanctuaries to witness wild animals like elephants, tigers, giraffe, rhinoceros, panther, crocodile and deer.

The sights of flamingoes, the perching cuckoos, the dancing peacocks leave a mesmerizing effect on you, and you would be compelled to see more sightings of the wild.

In India there are more than 80 National Parks, and 441 wildlife sanctuaries. Here you can also see the exotic animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, Red Panda, Nil Gai, Gharial and rare migratory birds. The sights and the feel of forests are so mesmerizing that you will feel that you should be with them for longer duration.

India has many picnic hotspots in the middle of serenading forests. These places are frequented by visitors who want to enjoy nature in its full bloom and have the feel of wild. You can also go for trekking at these places.

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